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Where Maine Dogs Go for a Wicked Good Time


We are your Maine Doggie Daycare and Boarding Facility! We believe that smaller packs of dogs leads to better overall socialization. Your dog will spend their day playing inside and outside with groups of dogs that they LOVE and ENJOY being around! 

Your dog in a small pack will make a big impact on their social skills and time at daycare. We would love to meet your dog, get to know their personality and play style, and find them a group of best friends. 

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Kathy & Ford

The Mainely Dog is an exceptional one of a kind dog day care and boarding facility . They truly know each and every dog and match them with a small group of dogs to play with both outside and inside. Unlike other places we’ve tried the dogs play all day..the only crate time is for night sleeping or food time. My border collie loves it there. He knows where the car is going and practically quivers with excitement! He comes home exhausted. The Mainely Dog is our go to place for boarding and he goes once a week for daycare. We have recommended to many friends/ neighbors and they are all as pleased as we are


We adopted Casco in November 2021 and soon realized he needed an outlet for all of his energy. After trying other daycares, we were recommended to Mainely Dog and knew after the first sessions that Casco would thrive there. We were comforted in knowing that his energetic needs were being met and that he was interacting with dogs that play like he does, as he participates in Mainely Dogs’ buddy program. You never know a rescue dogs‘ history, but we know with Mainely Dog, that Casco is in good hands. 


Our dog Sammy is not dog-friendly and has separation anxiety. He stayed at the new location of The Mainely Dog and he had the best time with his solo board experience. He got lots of 1:1 time with the staff and lots of great treats, including a Thanksgiving meal. They kept him separate from the other dogs and gave him the best experience ever. They even read him a story! He will be back!


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