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Senior Dog Program

Senior Dogs Are Different! The first thing to recognize is that your older dog may not be as young as they once were, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want company and companionship during the day! Even if your dog still ACTS like a puppy, they need extra rest and care. The senior program is designed to do just that!

Its a safer way to do doggie daycare for your older dog.

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Safe and Comfortable Play Areas 

The Mainely Dog senior program allows more rest time and more frequent potty breaks for your dog. We have a special non-slip floor to ensure safe play, comfy beds for their joints, and relaxing music.

Daily Brain Training 

Mentally stimulating games can  help keep the brain active and potentially slow the progression of dementia and other memory loss related problems down the road. Scavenger hunts, puzzle toys, and other mentally enriching games will help keep your senior dog sharp (while having fun)!

A Safe Pack 

Your senior dog will enjoy walks around the neighborhood (at their own pace), reading time, and extra cuddles from their human friends and other senior dogs. They will be in a group of other senior dogs to make sure they are playing at a safe pace in their pack.

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