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Positive Reinforcement Programs

Puppy Specific Programs
Options for dogs 6 months and under

Option 1:Complete Puppy School Package $660

6 week long program (2 hour long training sessions per week)


Option 2: Puppy Overnight Camp $1,200

7 Days (6 nights) of sleep away training with 2.5 hours of training per day 

Price includes: daycare and boarding fees AND training fees 


Both Puppy Programs Include:

  • Basic Cues

  • Basic Leash Work

  • Crate Training

  • Recall

  • Proper Playstyle & Socialization with People/Pets

  • Redirection

  • Bathing/Grooming Practice

Day Training
Options for adolescent and adult dogs during their daycare day

Option1- Basic Obedience $60/hr

Included but not limited to: Basic Cues, Proper Play/Socialization, Leash Work, Recall, Agility

Option 2- Behavior Modification Training $105/hr 

Included but not limited to: Aggression toward People/Dogs, Leash Reactivity, Separation Anxiety, Resource Guarding

Board & Train

Benefits of Overnight Training: Can include a variety of work from the basic obedience list AND the behavior modification list, customizable to exactly what you are looking for, accelerated learning through repetition/consistency, AND convenient for owners 


Option 1: For Dog-Friendly Dogs 


1 Week $1,300

2 Weeks $2,500

3 Week $3,000


Option 2: For Dog-Reactive Dogs 


1 Week $1,600

2 Weeks $3,000  

3 Weeks $4,000


All the above prices include: Daycare + Boarding Fees, Training Fees (2 hours of training per day), Daily Walks, & Enrichments 

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