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The Mainely Dog

our story

Kayla Cavallaro

Kayla Cavallaro always knew that giving back and helping dogs was her mission in life. Opening The Mainely Dog in the beginning of 2022 not only allowed for her to enrich the lives of as many dogs as she possibly could, but also find new and creative ways to give back to dogs in need.

The driving force that inspired The Mainely Dog was Kayla's love for working with difficult rescue dogs and foster dogs. It became abundantly clear to Kayla that not all dogs thrived in a large-pack environment, but that didn't mean that these dogs don't need a place to call "home." The Mainely Dog was opened with the intent to take each dogs individual needs into consideration. 

Working with rescue dogs and giving back to dogs in need is the principle that The Mainely Dog was founded on, and we will continue to do so for as long as our doors are open: 

  • To Give Back to a dog in need, please ask us about: 

  • Donating to our Pet Pantry for dogs

  • Donating to Pittie Posse (a Maine Based Pitbull Rescue Group)

  • Donating to Friends of Kakamega (a charity for children in Kenya that is near and dear to one of our founders)


Not long after Kayla opened The Mainely Dog's first location in Portland, Maine, Alexis Ott, enrolled her (at the time), one year old Great Dane puppy in doggy daycare.  Alexis was very impressed and pleased with the operations and overall day-to-day at The Mainely Dog.  Her experience in prior dog daycares had unfortunately not been a positive one, so Alexis not only sung the praises of The Mainely Dog for giving her Great Dane, Lady Blue, an enriching and fun experience but was very intrigued by the businesses mission to enhance the lives of all dogs.


She then spoke to Kayla about offering marketing services from her digital marketing agency, Prime Media Designs. Upon working closely with Kayla and The Mainely Dog team she decided to create a partnership in opening the second location in Falmouth, Maine. This allowed her to pursue her dream of helping dogs, while continuing to help local, small, businesses alike with their media presence.

By way of background, Alexis has always been passionate about caring for animals.  She started an organization while attending undergrad at Assumption University called Hound Helpers, where students would join in helping walk and tend to dogs at local shelters on the weekends and has since found other ways to help the animal community.

Alexis Ott

Alexis Ott The Mainely Dog
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